Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Highest Court

Lady in Red: Hi. New around here?

Lady in Blue: Yeah, it's only been 2 months.

Lady in Red: Oh, are you working?

Lady in Blue: No.

Lady in Red: Oh, ok.< Oh man. Must be one of those poor dependant types. Did an engineering degree. Waited for a US groom. The minute one was in sight, handed over the resignation papers and got ready for blissful matrimony. No interest in her own career or independence. I'm sure she's all set to pop out babies as well. One after the other. She has the time, nothing else to do and can save on day care. Her husband must be happy at snagging a perfect housewife and she must be happier providing for all his demands.
Really, how pathetic.

Lady in Blue: What about you?

Lady in Red: Yeah, I work downtown.

Lady in Blue: Oh nice. < Oh. She must be one of those aggressive career woman types. Junk food. Late night. And bosses to suck up to. I'm sure she spent years away from her husband just so that she can still have her career and come here with a work visa. Which quite obviously means she had or maybe still has a sad marriage. Doesn't feel the need to be with her husband every night. And yeah, DINK - the double income- no kids thing. Or maybe she has kids. They must've gone straight from the hospital crib to day care. What's the point of being married and living a life if you don't take the time to enjoy it.
Really, how pathetic.

Lady in Red: I got to rush. Nice meeting you.

Lady in Blue: Sure, Bye.